Happy Wednesday! I hop you are having a great week so far!

Today was the second day of regular “work” days. (Monday was 2nd easter day, or whatever it is called) I feel very productive so far, and my stress level is surprisingly low. My exams starts in a few weeks, and even though I am very nervous, I’m ok with having them. I feel like I have surpassed the level of being stressed – I’m just calm all the time after years of stress!

Just kidding. I’m stilling stressing a little, but I’m serious when I say I’m surprised about my stress level.

I think one of the things that makes me ok with the fact that my exams are soon, is that I’m just excited for a few things I’m doing when they are over!

You see, whenever I have exams I have decided to award myself something. The last few times it’s been books, but this year it’s something else too! (I’m still planning on rewarding myself with some books, though! Don’t you worry!) I mentioned a museum I wanted to go to in the last blog post (which got the highest likes I have ever gotten – so thanks!) and I have decided that I’m going to go to that museum after I have finished my last exam!

My parents laughed a little at me when I told them my plan. hehehe But who cares? I’m a history geek, so why wouldn’t I reward myself with a museum trip when that’s something I want?

Anyway, that’s really all I wanted to say. There is nothing exciting happening right now. I was at a birthday party yesterday to my cousin and my cousin’s child. Other than that nothing really exciting is happening!


Thank you for reading!

What have you done this week?


Trying Again Tomorrow

I defiantly failed after day 9 or ten with the 30 day challenge, but I will be back at it again tomorrow (hopefully *cross my fingers*)

My days have been filled with studying and applying for school, but as I said, I’ll try to continue tomorrow! I also haven’t done any youtube videos since before christmas, but I’ll try to get back this week or next!


Reusing an old photo because I don’t have any new ones…

day 9


Days without stress and worry.

You know, the days before school became a burden and thinking about your future made you anxious.

I know I’m not the only one who misses the younger days where all you worried about was if your parents would let you go out to play with friends after dinner.

That’s what I miss. Now, there isn’t a day that goes by without some unwanted stress or anxious moments thinking about what will happen to me in the future.


an update

Hello and good morning! (Or day, evening or night)

I have been really terrible when it comes to this blog. I have really tried but I just haven’t had any motivation to do anything. I have wanted to write two or three blog posts a week, but my mind has just been filled with stress for a few weeks, especially this last week.

Youtube has gone very bad too. I have uploaded a few videos, but not twice a week which is the goal.

The reason I have been stressing these past weeks is because of the exams that are coming up very soon. I have two exams next week, which is fine because they are written exams, but the word exam stressed me out…. Then I have a few weeks off and then I have two oral exams. And it’s those two suckers I’m scared off. But it will be fine. I have been trying to tell myself that everything will be fine, which it will be. If I fail, then I fail, and I’ll just have to take them again. It’s not the end of the world

Another thing I have been really stressed and nervous about the last week was my driver exam (or whatever it’s called). I had it yesterday and I PASSED!!!! YEY! I can drive on my own now!

My sister picked me up when I came back from the test and she said I had to drive home. It was so weird to not have my mum, dad or the driver instructor beside me while driving. In the evening I picked up my sister from work and drove all by myself! It was so weird!

Anyway, I am going to try to film a couple of videos tomorrow and on friday, before I go to the library again. I need to do a lot of school work (I should be doing that now too, actually) ┬ábut I also want to film videos and plan/write blog posts! So that’s the plan!

SO, that’s a little update for anyone who cares hehehe!