books i’m bringing on holiday + video

I’m leaving for a holiday to Spain with my family in a few days, and one of the things I have preplanned days, even weeks, before we actually leave is the list of books I’m bringing with me.

We were in Spain in 2015 too and that time I only brought three books, which isn’t a small amount, but for me, it wasn’t enough. All I do on these holidays is spending half of my time in the pool and the rest in the shadow with a book. So I have a lot of time to read books.

Therefore, I have learned from my mistakes, and I’m bringing five books this time. Maybe six, I’m not actually hundred precent sure yet. I’ll show you five books now, because I don’t know if I’m bringing a sixth, and which one might be my sixth book.


My sister bought this for me when she was on a summer trip to England a few weeks ago. I have wanted to read this one for a while, but have been a little hesitant, because this is (as far as my knowledge goes) a retelling of beauty and the beast, and I don’t think I’m a big fan of retellings. I might be though, but I don’t like the idea of it. I’m not sure why, though. But I’m willing to give it a shot. (I should warn you, I might be wrong.) Apparently this book is a little more mature then her Throne of Glass series, so I’m interested too see it.


Can you tell I like Sarah J. Maas? Well, if not, I do. Every single time I read one of her books I have just fell in love with the story. I have only read the Throne of glass series, and this is the fifth one in the series. I won’t spoil the series obviously, so I’ll tell you what the first book is about: A female assassin is taken out of captivity and given an opportunity to fight in a tournament and be free. And it goes from there. Even though the books are just getting longer and longer, I fly through them. They are just so darn good!

ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr (mine is the norwegian version)

First off, can I just tell you one of my book pet peeves? When the effing stickers doesn’t go off!!! Anyways, this book is a historical fiction set during world war 2. It’s about a blind, french girl and an orphaned, german boy, and how their stories, somehow, intertwines. I have heard this book is amazing. And I have wanted to read this for so long and I have had the english edition for a while, but I wanted to read it in Norwegian, so now I’m excited to read this!

THE BOY WHO TRICKED GESTAPO by Harald Utter (Gutten som lurte Gestapo)

I would be surprised if this book actually exists in english, so I’m sorry about that. But this book is a non fiction book about a norwegian resistance man who was 16 years old when he started a resistance cell with his friends and a teacher. It sounds SO good, and I can’t wait to read this soon.

IMG_1239PARIS by Edward Rutherfurd

I just bought this book. It was on sale and it sounded very interesting. It follows seven families over the period of seven hundred years! Just that sounds so… I don’t know. All I know is that I couldn’t leave the store without this one, so it’s going with me to Spain! It’s a long one, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to read the entire thing!

My problem now is to chose which one I want to read first…..

Have you read any of these books? What books are you reading this summer?

Thank you for reading! xx

edit: I have missed filming book videos on youtube so I decided to film one yesterday, and I posted it today. I would love if you would go and watch it :D


book haul

I’m finally feeling a lot better after being sick for a few days, and I am back to blogging. Me being sick had it’s positives though; I managed to read 2,5 books (still working on the third). I’m currently participating in a readathon. This is my first one, and I’m very happy with my progress so far. I will be doing a blog post about it when I’m done! (Saturday/Sunday)

I have been trying to not buy too many books lately because I already have a long tbr (to be read) list, but lately I have been wanting to read more books in Norwegian (as I have been reading mostly English the last few years), so I have had to buy some more.

IMG_0965A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. I just said that I bought some more books because I wanted books in Norwegian, but here I am, with an English book. But I actually got this from my sister from when she was in England for a trip with her friends. I really enjoy the Throne of Glass series by the same author, and have heard great things about this series too, so I have wanted to give this a go for a long time.

As far as I know this is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. I’m usually not a big fan of retelling (though, I have to be honest: I haven’t read many) so I’m excited to see what I think about this book. IMG_0967This book is in Norwegian, though not originally. This is All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I actually already have this in English, but as I said I wanted more books in Norwegian, and I have wanted to read this book so much, but every time I sat down to read it, I just couldn’t. I hope I’ll manage to read it in Norwegian! Plus, it was on sale, so I couldn’t go without it!

All the light we cannot see is a world war two fiction about a blind girl and another boy, and their stories links up somehow. I can’t wait to read it. Apparently it’s beautiful. It even won some sort of price!IMG_0964The last book is only in Norwegian. You might have noticed if you read my blog that I’m interested in World War 2. I love reading fiction and non fiction about the war. All though it’s very sad, and I tend to cry a lot. This book is a non fiction book about a 16 year old Norwegian boy who started his own resistance cell with some friends and his teacher. It just sounded very interesting, and I’m actually in the “process” of writing my own story set in world war 2. (I would like to say book, but it’s far from being an actual book.) So reading world war 2 books is both research and fun!

Oh, this book is called Gutten som lurte Gestapo, or translated with the help of google translate: The boy who tricked Gestapo. (I actually had to add this book into goodreads myself because it wasn’t there!)

I’m going to Spain with my family soon, and I’m bringing these three books with me. Last time I went to Spain (same place) I only brought three books and finished them quickly so because I learned from my mistake, I’m bringing five, maybe six, this time!

Thank you for reading. Have you read any of these books? Do you have any other suggestions for books I could read? :)

November Wrap Up


I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! The only thing that could make it even better is snow! But I guess I’ll just have to wait…

Anyway, because I decided to stop sharing my youtube videos on here because I ended up only sharing and not writing any blog posts, I took some pictures of the books I read in the month of November too.

This month was a lot better for me when it came to reading. I have been in a sort of reading slump since the summer, and have only managed to read one or two books each month. But I finally feel like I’m out of it which is amazing. I read four books this month, which led to me reaching my goodreads reading challenge goal which was on 30 books. Which means I have read at least four more books this year compared to last year! I might even read more (I hope).

First, I want to share a picture of my dog looking angry! haha


Nr 1 – Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs


This is not my favourite book, but it’s defiantly good. It was an easy and fun read, I suppose.

I gave it a 4/5 stars.SAMSUNG CSC

Nr 2 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.k Rowling

I read the cursed child one a few months ago and didn’t like it, so I was a little nervous about this, because I hate not liking anything Harry Potter hehe, but I actually enjoyed this one. I think it’s because I saw the movie before I read it so I knew how things looked, like the creatures and the characters, so I felt like I got attached to the characters more.

I gave it a 4 / 5 stars. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Nr 3 – The Rose Society by Marie Lu.

This is the second book in the series /trilogy, and I read the first one a year and a half ago. I gave the first one four stars but I have this half as little. I didn’t like it what so ever. I thought the characters were made to do things without any logical reason. That it was just to get the story going where Marie Lu wanted it to go. I also didn’t like the character development. It just confused me. It’s great if you liked this book, but Im defiantly not going to read the next one.


Nr 4 – Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

I really like this book. I generally really like this entire series. This is the fourth book and there is one more out and then the next and last will be out next year. (As far as I know) I love the writing, the characters and the story it self. I’m just really invested in these books.

I gave this book 4/5 stars.SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC


Sometimes it’s hard to see if its my dog or if it’s the carpet. Especially when it’s darker!SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSC

Thank you for reading. I also wanted to tell you that if you want, you can watch my youtube video about these books. Click here. (I’m going to start sharing the videos like this instead. In a post)

Also, please let me know if you have read any of these books, and what you thought about them!

My 3 Favourite Fantasy Series (VIDEO)


I uploaded a new video today. I tried to get it up yesterday but my computer was acting up so I gave up, so I decided to upload it today!

Also, I’m going to try to get some more actual blog posts, and not just shared videos, up soon. I would like to try in the beginning of december, but I might start in the middle of the december after all my exams are over. We’ll see!


September TBR (Video)

Hell0! I hope you have had a great weekend!

I just uploaded a new video, and would appreciate it if you could watch it. And if you want you are more than welcome to subscribe hahah

What did you do this weekend?


currently reading: Heir of Fire


I started reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas in the beginning of last year, but got into a reading slump (that lasted for two months) so I had to stop reading. So I had finished the first one and had read 2/3 of the second one Crown of Midnight. When I got into the reading slump I intended to pick up the book the moment I felt like reading again. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Although I don’t regret it because I started reading all the Harry Potter books!

FullSizeRender (2)

But last week I really wanted to continue reading the series. I also wanted to be caught up with the series before the fifth book comes out. (Which I believe is in November of this year)

So, I picked the second book up and finished it, then I picked up the third book and that’s the one I’m currently reading!

I’m only on page 118, but I’m really loving it!

FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender

Have you read the Throne of Glass series? What did you think about it?