long time, no see

It’s not just that I have been a little lazy the last month – I have actually been having some  problems with my health (nothing too serious) and because of that, I haven’t been paying to much attention to the blog.

Plus, I have actually been thinking about changing platform: I don’t have the opportunity to spend money on the blog to get a bigger storage, and as of now, I don’t have much more storage left for photos and so on. Also, even though I do enjoy wordpress, I have been looking for another platform to use! (I’ll let you know when I get there!)

Yesterday me and a friend decided to pack our backpacks with some food, wood and a little surprise dessert and head into the woods and grill some food and just enjoy the outdoors.

We were outside for 3,5-4 hours and I have to say, it was very relaxing!


What have you been up to the last month?


“harrytur” to sweden

Good day!

My mother, my older sister and I decided to take a short trip into Sweden today. It’s my older sisters birthday in two weeks, but we are celebrating it this weekend with family, and because Norway is really expensive (and Sweden not so much) we figured: why not?

We Norwegians like to call it a “Harrytur”, which means Harry’s trip. It doesn’t really make any sense, does it? Let me explain. As I mentioned earlier, Norway is pretty damn expensive when it comes to literary everything, and we Norwegians likes to save money on food, so we go to Sweden. A place where we can get things almost half the price (like example, a 1,5 L pepsi is about 30 norwegian kroners, but in Sweden it’s 15 kroners!)

But why is it “Harry”? It’s obviously a name, but in Norway, if someone says “that’s a little harry“, it’s like saying something is a weird, possibly tasteless. Although it sort of depends on the situation. And when we say we are going on a “harrytur” to Sweden, it just means that it’s a weird thing, I suppose. I have gone “harry shopping” SO MANY times in my 18 years of living.

After we dropped of my little sister at school early in the morning, we drove off to a store  (still in Norway) and bought some breakfast. I got a bottle of water and this massive loaf thing that tastes amazing! As always, I was dressed in very comfortable jeans and a hoodie. Why bother dress up when I’ll be sitting in a car for three hours total?

I actually enjoy sitting in a car, just listening to music and singing a long. (Except is someone drives to fast… Not a big fan of that!) All though I have to say I defiantly prefer to sit in a car when I’m the only one in the back or I can drive or sit in the front passenger seat. Which is one of the plus side of being the only one in my group of friends with a license, because I’ll always sit in a comfortable position!

Anyway, we arrived in Sweden after 1,5 hour (ish) and because it was so early in the day there wasn’t a lot of people in the store, which was very nice. We grabbed a cart and started putting food and drinks and whatever we needed in the trolley.

nI got some face masks because my face is a mess. (Not really, I’m actually really thankful for my skin) But I paid the same for two as I pay for one at home. I just wanted to try these out. I have tried from this brand before, and even though I am pretty sure there are a lot better ones out there, I decided to buy them anyway. Also, two of them are “heat therapy” so they warm up. Which I didn’t know was a thing before last week when me and my two best friends did a “spa night”, and my friend had a mask that warmed up when it touched wet skin. It was so confusing!

hWe have a tradition when it comes to going to Sweden shopping, and that is to buy donuts or berlinrolls(?), and this time we bought some donuts for the car ride home. My sister and mother (and myself) wanted to get some food, so we decided to order some french fries and chicken nuggets from McDonalds. We rarely buy stuff from McDonalds (except McFlurry every once in a while, aka often), so when we get it I always enjoy it at first, but want to stop eating it eventually because I eat too much of it at the same time. But thats ok!

The donuts were also good, but I didn’t eat them in the start because I was full after the food.

What did you do today?


My friend and I decided to take the train into Oslo the other day. Mostly because I have a gift card at a book store and the one in Oslo is a lot bigger than the one where I live. But we also ended up going up to the Akershus Fortress.

IMG_0892I love going here. It’s absolutely stunning, plus, I love history and walking through this fortress is just a lot of fun.IMG_0895IMG_0898IMG_0900IMG_0916The Policehorse TorIMG_0923IMG_0937IMG_0941I love it!

Have you ever been here?

another walk

It’s officially summer here in Norway and I am not very happy. You might not know this but I am one of the few people who doesn’t like summer at all. Actually, I do like summer a little: I like reading my book or sitting outside in the evening when the sun isn’t overheating me and playing card games with my friends. And I love to swim in a pool (not a big fan of the ocean because I freak out whenever I see a fish). But I hate the heat. I hate with all my heart!

But, unless I move to a cold place in the summer, I guess I have to deal with it.

A few days ago a friend and I (and my dog) went for a little walk. I brought my camera and took some pictures (I also filmed, but I haven’t gotten around to editing it yet) and I wanted to share them!

Oh, and also, I’m currently on summer break! I finished all my exams and I am SO happy!


Even though I don’t love summer, I can’t argue with the fact that it is very pretty!

Whats your favourite thing about summer?

Hello! I’m finally back to blogging more! May has been a complete stress month for me. It finally calmed down, and even though I still have to exams left, I am a lot less stressed about those – which is very nice!

I wanted to write a blog post today, but couldn’t think of anything to write about  or post, but then I was looking through my camera and realized I had some photos from a few weeks ago when me and my sister went for a little walk. Therefore, I wanted to share some of them today.

IMG_0746IMG_0751He always gets tangled in his long leash… The leash also gets tangled into bushes and everything so I always have to go back and loosen it… At least he is cuteIMG_0752IMG_0756IMG_0757There is a duck thereIMG_0760IMG_0761IMG_0764IMG_0766IMG_0767IMG_0770IMG_0775IMG_0776Those are all the decent pictures I took.

I love going for walks with Diesel (my dog) because he absolutely loves running around and walking “freely”. I am too scared to not use the long leash because he would probably run away. All though he is quite good if we say “på plass” which means “in place”. But if there is another dog or person he would shut me out. Plus, there are always horse shoe marks where we walk and I don’t know how he would act if he met a horse.

Thank you for reading! Do you have a dog?

first picture i posted

I don’t have premium blog thing here on wordpress (obviously, since my url(?) has wordpress.com on the end) and because of that I don’t have endless storage for pictures, which means I have to delete pictures when it’s full.

That’s where I am at now.

I have 80% storage used, and all though I can still upload pictures I decided I would just start deleting photos right away, and not procrastinate. (I’m honestly surprised at my self)

A little side note: I read this tip somewhere that if there is something you can finish in five minutes you should do it right away, so I have been trying to do that lately.

Anyway, let’s look at the photo:


(This is not actually the first photo I uploaded on my blog, but the first one was a boring text picture I used to use on the bottom of my posts)

Anyway. This photo was taken on a hike I went on with my mum, my older sister, my dog and a woman I have known for years (friend of my parents). And her dog, who is the same breed as my dog.

I fell on this trip and had to walk in a tiny river to get to the other side because we had failed. It was a very lovely trip, though and I wish I would do it more often!


Sunday Walk

I have wanted to take one last cross country skiing trip before the snow goes away. Sandra (friend) and I was planning on going skiing yesterday but decided against it since we didn’t know where to go and because I had somewhere to be at five.

So we decided to go for a nice walk instead. I wanted to get out and get some air so it was very nice! All though it was a very good feeling to be done because even though there was no snow, there was a lot of ice, and I tensed my legs a lot so I wouldn’t fall…

I have been watching a lot of world champion cross country and biathlon lately and every time I watch it I have had the urge to go out and ski. I WILL go skiing once more before it’s impossible! (Maybe I’ll buy roller skies?)

IMG_0667IMG_0668IMG_0669IMG_0672IMG_0676IMG_0678IMG_0681IMG_0683IMG_0686IMG_0689IMG_0690IMG_0694(not very flattering but who cares!)

Thank you for reading!

Cross country skiing

I went skiing today with my mum, my sisters, my aunt and two of my cousins. We are currently on winter break and we all really wanted to get out and go skiing. I brought my camera and took a few pictures, and wanted to share them with you!. (and video, so there will be a short video on my youtube channel within the week)img_0484img_0500img_0514

Not the most flattering pictures of me, but hey, why not share them online where thousands of people can see ugly me? heheimg_0519img_0524img_0542img_0545img_0546

My youngest cousin. My little sister and him played behind this thing we sat in front of.img_0550

We bought a disposable grill but it was messed up and didn’t work but luckily a lady and her two sons came with wood and we grilled “with” them.img_0562img_0570

My mother :)img_0571img_0574img_0575img_0576img_0578img_0580img_0585img_0591

Have you gone skiing this year? Do you like it?

Thank you for reading :)

I love Norway

One thing I know for sure is that I love Norway. I always have. We are just generally great. I might be a little biased, but we have been on the top three of the happiest places to live in the entire world. Which, I suppose I can agree on.

But, all though I love Norway in general, one of my favourite things about this beautiful country, officially called The Kingdom of Norway (yes, it’s awesome), is the nature. It’s just soooooo beautiful.

I wanted to share a few pictures I took. (not just of nature, though)


And this is just a two minute walk away from where I live!

Where are you from, and what do you love about it?

Sunday Walk With Family (VIDEO)

Hello, and happy Monday!

Yesterday me and some family went on a little walk to this place in a forest where a plane had crashed during world war 2. I had been there before with my school (long time ago though) but I had never actually seen the plane wreckage because we walked really slow so we had to turn and go back before we arrived at the place where the wreckage was… It was very muddy yesterday, but also very beautiful!

It would make me happy if you could take two minutes to watch this :) And subscribe and like hahah