Day 2


Let’s see, in ten years I will be 28 years old. I will have two years left before I turn thirty, and I will, I guess, officially be an adult. (I don’t really know when your brain becomes an adult, though…)

I guess I can start with family related things. I have always wanted to be a mom and I think I would like to have at least one child before I turn 30, but by the age of 28 I guess I would want to have one or two, maybe even three children by that time. I would also like to be married, or I don’t necessarily need to be married, but I would like to be in a relationship, whom I have kids with. Hehe…

Next is carrier. I have no clue what I want to be in life except an author, so I guess that’s where I would like to be by the time I’m 28. I would love to have published a few successful books. All I know is that I would like to do something I enjoy doing.

I would like to have a nice house and just be happy. That’s really all I want; to be happy.



30 day challenge

It’s already been a few days since the month/year started and I should have started with this challenge on January 1st, but I didn’t actually think about this before now.

I have been looking for a way to challenge me into writing something every single day (preferably for the entire year), and I knew that it would be hard to write fiction (which is what I love the most) everyday. I have tried, and though, it was suppose to be a challenge to write on a story of mine everyday, I decided I wanted to do something else, something a little easier, perhaps.

These 30 day challenges have been on my mind for a while, but the problem is that I have never found one that has questions that I like, or that I want to answer. And I don’t mean questions that I would prefer to not answer, but questions that doesn’t really interest me.

I wanted to have questions that interested me and made me want to continue answering them. And learning from past attempts to do things similar to this, I know I need questions that interest me.

Therefore, I decided to make my own. I looked through pre-excisiting challenges that I found on Pinterest and wrote down the questions that I wanted to have, then I added other questions that I also thought would be challenging but fun to answer. Another reason why I don’t love the pre-excisiting ones is because they have simple and “cute” questions, if that makes sense. Questions that are easy to answer, and that wouldn’t need my brain to really think.

So when I made my own, I tried to have a mix of “hard” questions and some “easy”. Let me give you an example, because I don’t know if I’m explaining this very well.

Let’s take day 3 and day 16. Day 3 is about religion and my views on it. As I’m writing this, I don’t really know what I would answer because I would have to think a little bit about it, which, compared to day 16 is different. On day 16, I sort of already know the answer. Does that make sense?

Anyway, the plan is to make one of these every single month. I have no idea how it will go, but I think it will be a fun challenge. I want to write a lot more than I did last year, and I think this will be a good way. Obviously, this isn’t fiction (which is what I usually *try* to write) but writing is writing, and every time I write, I improve my writing!

I’m going to be doing this on this blog, because I know it will be easier for me to give up if I have to write it for hand. Now, I love handwriting, but it takes longer and sometimes when I write I need to be quick because my brain works “too fast” for my handwriting to keep up.

So, anyway wants to join me? If anyone is interested, please let me know and tell me how you do!

I will start tomorrow! (And there will be blog posts about books and other things like I normally do, but the goal is to have one of these each day!)