Norwegian Museum of Technology

A few days ago me and my family decided to take a trip to Oslo, and specifically the Norwegian museum of Science and Technology, or as it is called in Norwegian; Teknisk Museum.

It’s so much longer in English!!

It’s easter break here in Norway, and we felt like we had to do something this break, other than just sitting at home doing nothing exciting. This was my second time to the museum, but it wasn’t really a problem because it’s been years since I was there the last time. A lot of it had changed – at least as far as I can remember.

All though I was excited about this museum, I had another museum I wanted to go to. Both for pleasure and for work. I suppose. If you didn’t know, I like to write fiction. And since last year I have been working on a story, and going to that museum would be a sort of research for that story. #nospoilers BUT I think I’m going to reward myself a trip to that museum when I have finished all of my exams!


thumbnail_IMG_7799One thing that was both funny and «eye-opening» (if I can call it that), was that the first phone my older sister had, and possibly myself too, was in one of these boxes! Like, we are not that old! Our things shouldn’t be in a museum yet!

thumbnail_IMG_78031I’m a total history geek, and even though I’m not interested in how a paper machine works today, I find it very interesting to see how it worked back in the days!2You can’t really see it it this photo, but the airplane (the wing is in the left of the picture) had an opening underneath and in the back so you could see inside. It was cool, but it smelled old, hehe.345The first tram in Oslo/Norway!6This is the last photo I took, and it was of hundres of photos from the second world war, or around that time. I didn’t have time to look at ALL the pictures and read ALL the text in this part of the museum, but from what I gathered it was about forced labour of people in Norway during the war. Apparently 100 000 of thousands were forced, and nearly 20 000 people died…

What a positive note to end the post…. Obviously sarcasm.

Have you ever been to this museum? What’s your favourite type of museum?!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog! :D


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