diy desk

I finally managed to build my new desk after having the material since before Christmas. My old desk is just a tiny bit too small and not exactly my style. I got it for Christmas five years ago or something, and it clearly visible that it has been used plenty.

I drew up the plan (probably not a very good drawing to follow, but I understood it) and showed my dad. We had to make a few adjustments because a few of the things I was planning on doing wouldn’t work, but I am super happy about the result.

My dad cut up all the wood (I tried to do it myself but I wasn’t strong enough. hehe) and helped me make the framework. In the end I would say I did 60-70% of the work. Which is fine really. I’m rather happy about myself!

It would have turned completely different if I didn’t get help from my dad.

All the materials (except the nails and screws) were from a bed my dad made a few years ago but took down before Christmas. I just love the idea of using something we already had!

Anyway, on to the pictures:

1234And then, the finished product: (Sort of)

5(I made a tiny, tiny, tiny shelf underneath because I had some material left. I won’t be able to fit as much as I should be able to fit on this shelf but it’s good enough!)6I am planning on oiling it (or whatever it is called) to make the wood look a little darker. But, in the end, I am really happy about how it turned out.

The only problem I am facing right now is that we made the desk a little higher than normal desks so i have to find a chair that is tall enough, but not too tall. We could cut the legs shorter, but I like that I can stand and sit at this desk!

What did you think of my “amazing” homemade desk? What type of desk do you have?


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