first picture i posted

I don’t have premium blog thing here on wordpress (obviously, since my url(?) has on the end) and because of that I don’t have endless storage for pictures, which means I have to delete pictures when it’s full.

That’s where I am at now.

I have 80% storage used, and all though I can still upload pictures I decided I would just start deleting photos right away, and not procrastinate. (I’m honestly surprised at my self)

A little side note: I read this tip somewhere that if there is something you can finish in five minutes you should do it right away, so I have been trying to do that lately.

Anyway, let’s look at the photo:


(This is not actually the first photo I uploaded on my blog, but the first one was a boring text picture I used to use on the bottom of my posts)

Anyway. This photo was taken on a hike I went on with my mum, my older sister, my dog and a woman I have known for years (friend of my parents). And her dog, who is the same breed as my dog.

I fell on this trip and had to walk in a tiny river to get to the other side because we had failed. It was a very lovely trip, though and I wish I would do it more often!



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