London Book Haul

On National Women’s day, me and my mum took a plane and flew over to London. This trip was my 18th birthday present, so I had been waiting for this since September last year (almost 6 months!). I was very excited and had written a list of books I wanted to buy and I managed to find 4/5 of those. And I bought a few other books!

IMG_0646Currently reading The Glittering Court, and I’m really enjoying it.IMG_0648Even though I still have Voyager and Drums of Autumn to read before I can read this one, I still decided to buy it because it was there!IMG_0651We were at the British Museum and when I saw this edition of Sherlock Holmes I decided I had to buy it.IMG_0653Last year I watched the movie based on this book. I initially watched it because Alicia Vikander played the Vera, and Hayley Attwell played in the movie too, but when it was done I was crying like a crazy person, and I looked online and saw it was about a real person. Then I saw she had written a book about it, and I had to get it. Unfortunately I didn’t get it for christmas, but I bought it now! You have to see the movie….IMG_0655IMG_0657 (1)The Princess Diaries series is just a guilty pleasure. I just love the movies, and when I read the books I just get more of the story I watched as a young girl (and now, to be honest). Plus, I read the first book and the second one in one day each, so they are very nice, easy reads!IMG_0658This si the fourth book in this series, and I just love it. When I found out that they weren’t going to make more movies based on these books, I just had to read them, and I have loved them. IMG_0660I have heard about this book before, but I hadnt planned on reading it, but then I saw it and read the plot description and had to get it!IMG_0662 (1)Defiantly not my favourite series, but it’s just a quick and easy read and I wanted to see how it ends, so I bought the last in the Girl Online series.IMG_0663IMG_0666



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