My weekend

This past week has been winter break for me, and I took time off from school work to have winter break and I enjoyed it quite much. We didn’t do a lot this week, but I enjoyed it. We went cross country skiing (I always forget it’s called cross country, and not just skiing!) Click here, if you want to see those pictures!

Yesterday – Saturday – I drove to Sweden with two of my friends, just for fun really, but I did come home with some candy and two pairs of shoes. We left home a little past 12, and it took us about 1,5 hour before we arrived. On Friday I fixed my Spotify so I got 30 days free Premium, just so we could listen to music without any ads!

1We stopped at a diner called Joe’s diner and ate lunch/ early dinner. I ordered a caesar salad!

Then, today, was Fastelavnens, which is a christian holiday here in the north (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and the Faroe Islands). Not that I’m christian, but, hey, I’ll celebrate it anyway!

My mum made boller which is buns in english and we have cream with it and icing sugar on top.


I’m usually not a big fan of buns, but I like them this way!

We sat outside with my aunt, her boyfriend and my cousin and ate these, and I made a bonfire just to keep us warm. I love the smell of bonfire!


Did you eat fastelavens buns?



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