Cross country skiing

I went skiing today with my mum, my sisters, my aunt and two of my cousins. We are currently on winter break and we all really wanted to get out and go skiing. I brought my camera and took a few pictures, and wanted to share them with you!. (and video, so there will be a short video on my youtube channel within the week)img_0484img_0500img_0514

Not the most flattering pictures of me, but hey, why not share them online where thousands of people can see ugly me? heheimg_0519img_0524img_0542img_0545img_0546

My youngest cousin. My little sister and him played behind this thing we sat in front of.img_0550

We bought a disposable grill but it was messed up and didn’t work but luckily a lady and her two sons came with wood and we grilled “with” them.img_0562img_0570

My mother :)img_0571img_0574img_0575img_0576img_0578img_0580img_0585img_0591

Have you gone skiing this year? Do you like it?

Thank you for reading :)


7 thoughts on “Cross country skiing

    1. I upload them to wordpress, but I messed up and deleted some of the pictures because I only have a certain amount of storage for photos. Is there another way to add photos to a blog post, here on wordpress??


      1. if you are really fan of wordpress, you can subscribe to premium it will expand your storage, gives you better domain name like it’s around 30USD i think.

        or you can upload your photo remotely to other hosting site like google Picasa etc.

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