Old Church Ruins

It’s been a week and a few days since I wrote last. I just haven’t had a lot to write about. I have been focusing on school. Plus, I haven’t really had anything to write.

Anyway, on Sunday, my friend Sandra and I drove to an old church that is left in ruins. I have wanted to go there for a while, but wanted to wait till either I or Sandra could drive. Which has been for a while now, but I guess I’ve just forgotten.

We didn’t end up leaving before four because Sandra had something to do, but it was fine really since the sun doesn’t go down before closer to five. It took us thirty minutes to drive, plus five minutes where we didn’t know if we were on the right road. It was a dirt road and I was a little nervous because there was a steep hill so I was a little scared to drive down it on our way back. img_0454img_0455img_0457img_0458img_0460

(I think it’s still used for weddings in the summer!)img_0461img_0468

Thank you for reading! Do you enjoy looking at old buildings?


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