day 3


I was going to add a definition on religion, just for the heck of it, but then I remembered something I learned in Religion and Ethics class I took just before christmas; it’s hard to define religion in one go. One definition might work for one religion but is completely off for another one. So I’m going to skip the definition. Everyone has a different definition for religion according to their beliefs and lives and whatever else.

My views on religion, though? Hmm. I’m not religious. I grew up without religion, all though if I had to say a religion I guess it would be christianity seeing that I was christened as a baby, I had a christian confirmation when I was 15 and, unless my future husband is against it, I’m probably going to get married in a church, and have my kids christened. It’s just the way my family does it. (As far as I know, no one in my family are christian, or religious for that matter, but everyone has a christening and all of that.)

Anyway, my views as a non-religious human being; I’m not against religion. I’m perfectly fine with religion, and I believe it’s a good thing for some people. The only “requirement” I have for religious people is that they are open minded and that they teach their kids that, yes, there are people out there who doesn’t believe in the same god, or any god’s existence at all.

So yeah, I don’t mind religion. Because, in the end, what does it matter to me if someone believes in a god? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I think that as long as I respect them, and they respect me, there shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to religion…

There is a quote I saw on tumblr one time, months and months ago, that just stuck to my mind. (Unfortunately I don’t remember what tumblr user said this..)

“I will respect your opinion as long as your opinion doesn’t disrespect anyones existence.”

And I just think it works with so many different things…asd


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