Christmas Baking

I always look forward to the christmas baking every single year. Not just because they are delicious, and I could eat thousands of them, but because I just enjoy making them, listening to christmas songs and having a good time with my family.

We actually made gingerbreads a few weeks ago and I didn’t take any pictures, but we decided to make homemade donuts last weekend because my sister had bought this thing that made it easy to make donuts at home.


My little sister made some more chocolate truffles!img_0138img_0139img_0140img_0143img_0146img_0147img_0149img_0150img_0156img_0158

It took us a long time but we ended up with 100 donuts (!) and covered some in sugar and cinnamon and a few with chocolate. We also left some without, too. I defiantly prefer the ones with chocolate. I literally love everything with chocolate!


I can’t stop taking pictures of my dog. The quality is just so good!img_0161img_0162img_0167img_0168img_0170img_0174img_0176img_0178img_0179

And when I wasn’t helping I sat and knitted a camera case, hehe.I’m done with it, I just have to felt it. Don’t know if thats the right term to use, but thats what google translate says..img_0180img_0183

These are the majority of the donuts. Some were in the fridge with chocolate and some with cinnamon/sugar another place.img_0185

So good!

What type of christmas cookies/cakes do you usually make?


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