new camera


I had an exam today and got home at 20.30, which wasn’t a lot of fun. I had to meet at the school at four, so I had to be there for four and a half hour. I prefer to be one of the first ones, but there was so many people who were going to have the same exam as me and since my last name starts with S, I was the last on the list and had to wait…

Anyway, I’m happy with the result and I’m looking forward to this time tomorrow because I’ll be on Christmas Break! Just one more exam and I’ll have break! Yey!

Last friday I forced my friend Sandra to go to Oslo with me so I could by a camera. I have been wanting this camera for ages and saw that they had it in stock in a shop in Oslo, but at first Sandra didn’t have money to use for the train so we were thinking about driving there, but I really didn’t want to. I’m not ready to drive in the middle of Oslo yet. Anyway, Sandra found her money so we took the train to Oslo and walked to the store. We spent forever in there because I have social anxiety and didn’t have the guts to interrupt anyone there. Heheh. It worked out though!



This is the Canon G7x mark 2, and I’m so excited! I have been wanting this (not the mark 2, obviously) for two years, but every time I have been on the verge of buying it I have backed out telling myself I don’t need it. But I saved up again and bought it because I can use it for everything!

It will also be easier to take pictures for the blog because I won’t spend forever trying to focus on the right thing, because this has a touch screen so I can just click where i want it to focus! *insert heart eye emoji*

If you want to watch me “buy” this camera, then watch this vlogmas! :D


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