Dealing with stress and photoshoot

Good morning, and happy Sunday! I absolutely love Sundays, because they are always cozy.  Obviously, after Sunday comes Monday, and I’m not very excited about that. I have two exams, not this week coming up (tomorrow) but the week after that, so I have to be studying a lot this week, which I’m not as thrilled about.

I have a terrible tendency to stress myself out. Stress has not been a good friend for me for the last four years, I would stay. All though it has gotten a lot better since the period where I quit school because of how bad I handled stress, I still struggle with it.

For me, the best ways to deal with stress is to just tell my self that whatever it is I’m stressing about, it will be over in a short time. I constantly tell myself that me stressing about these exams will be over in the middle of December. Telling myself that I will not be stressing about a problem this time next year really helps me. Another thing that has helped me dealing with stress is to just relax and put some time off in a day to just do something fun; watch a ton of youtube or something like that. I always find watching youtube helps me not think too much about whatever it is I’m stressing about.

Anyway, I am excited about christmas. I love vlogmas so I have been so happy yesterday and today watching vlogmases. (Mostly just Zoella’s, hehe) I decided that I wanted to a sort of vlogmas myself, but I’m going to be adding them into weekly videos or something. I don’t know how it will turn out, but we’ll see!

Yesterday, my friend, Sandra, and I went out to take some pictures, and though they didn’t turn out very well, I wanted to share some of them with you!


We were freezing our hands off!



I can’t help but to laugh at these two previous pictures! I was messing around with stuff on the camera, so at one point I couldn’t move, but I did and it made it look like I was a ghost!

Please let me know how you handle stress!


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