Exploring Breakfastes

Hello! I have been taking a break from blogging and making YouTube videos. Not because I actually have any good reason, like being busy with school or something, but I haven’t really been doing as much school work as I should have.

But that’s fine.

Anyway, I have been trying to make different breakfasts lately. Both of these are porridge, or oatmeal, but I have been trying to find a way to eat porridge that I like.

The first one is with banana, apples, peanut butter and pumpkin seeds. Didn’t like it.

The second -and last- was made with a little cinnamon and then I cooked some berries in a separate saucepan and put that in too. It wasn’t good either…
I want to do more of these blog post, so I guess you have something to look forward. Just kidding.



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