Café Trip


I hope you are having/have had a wonderful week. I’m currently on a break and even though I should really do some school work this week, but hey, I want a break!

Today we decided to go to a café at the mall with my friend and her mom (we are all neighbours actually, so we are all friends hahah). I have never been to this café before but I’m defiantly going to force my friends to go their with me more.

I bough a cup of tea and a type of pastry (Danish Pastry apparently in english). I love that type of pastry, so when I saw they had it I had to get it. I got a really simple lemon tea, but I prefer simple tea’s so it was spot on!

I also feel like this café is perfect for me because all their tables and chairs are different. We sat at a table with old rococo styled chairs/sofa’s and thats my favourite style, so I fell in love!



Thank you for reading. What have you done this week? And what is your favourite pastry/cake?



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