A Small Zoo in the Middle of Nowhere

Hello! I hope you enjoyed the video yesterday! Today is Thursday and only one more day before the weekend begins and I am so excited to just not do anything!

I was just looking through my pictures from this summer and realised that I hadn’t shared the pictures from the short trip to a zoo not too far away from where I live. I went there with my mum, sisters and my cousin because we didn’t have anything else to do. I had been there before so I was excited to go back to see my besties again (aka all the animals)… Just kidding.

I actually had a dress on just because I wanted to dress up a little (weird logic, I know). It’s a very comfortable dress, though! Anyway, don’t know why I told you that, not very interesting… haha

Here’s the pictures! (They are from my phone by the way)



My heart is melting!



A couple of tiny horses and a couple of tiny donkeys! SO adorable! img_5181img_5213img_5228

This is the moment my obsession with pygmy/dwarf goats began. I have been begging my parents to buy me two but they are not letting me have dwarfs… I WILL have a few dwarf goats before I die!img_5231img_5232

I hope you enjoyed this short, but adorable and heart melting post. Are you excited about the weekend?



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