Chicken pasta pesto salad

That was a mouthful!

Anyway, hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Friday. As I’m writing this it’s almost three. I have spent my day cleaning my room and reorganizing my bookshelf because 1/3 of my books have been laying around on my chair and desk because I have been filming videos with them and have been to lazy to put them back.

I’m currently fixing my room. We just finished building a small “walk in closet” in the corner of the room so I can hide my clothes in there along with other stuff I don’t want to show.

Since I’m going to rearrange my room I haven’t bothered to make the bookshelf the way I want it, but decided I had to do it today because it was starting to annoy me. And because I’m going to wash and clean the top floor in my house, I had to clean my room so it counts!

Anyhow, for lunch today I ate one of my favourite lunches; chicken pasta pesto salad. It’s a really long name… My mom was going to make lunch to bring to work so she made extra for me and my sisters too! It’s very yummy!

pasata 2

I just looked through the pictures I took of the salad and they were all blurry except this one… Even this is a little blurry. I would take new pictures but it’s already in my tummy..



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