Trip to Danmark


For the past week I have been in Danmark with my family. We ended up driving to a place 40 minutes away from Legoland. It took us 9 hours to drive, and I cannot explain how excited I was when we arrived!!

I don’t have all the pictures right now, so I will only show a few of the pictures from my phone.


I love visiting historical sights, however, the rest of my family don’t. BUT I got to see one place! We went to this church and looked inside. It was a very beautiful church! I don’t remember what it was called, though.IMG_5720

Then we went to Legoland! I have been there before, but I honestly can’t remember anything from that seeing that I was four years old. IMG_5761

I’m just so amazed by this!IMG_5768

THEN we went to this park we had been to before when I was four. It’s literally a park with close to hundred deers walking up to you to see if they can get some food. It was a little scary, but also amazing!IMG_5799










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