My Trip To England: Day 3

On day three we took the train to Camden Market. I didn’t really know what to expects, but I was pleasantly surprised by it, even though it rained. I usually don’t like to be somewhere with  a lot of people, but I actually enjoyed walking around in Camden Market. I didn’t by anything (except for food) but I took some pictures of the beautiful houses. So colourful!



This shop was cool. It was filled with so much weird and interesting things, and I regret not buying on of the very pretty notebooks there. (You can actually see it in the background) A nice smell immediately hit you when you entered the shop; I don’t know what they are called, but it’s those sticks that are on ‘fire’ or something.


We then strolled over a small, and scary, stone bridge that led us to this food market. A lot of it looked and smelled wonderfully, but I – the picky person I am – didn’t buy anything there to eat; I decided to buy some french fries at McDonalds… Well, it was good. (And there were some cute boys sitting near us. Hehe…)



In the evening, we went to this Indian restaurant, and oh my, it was spicy. I couldn’t eat one of those wraps before I lost feeling in my tongue.. The taste was good, though, but I do not (at all) like spicy food! The nan bread was delicious, though.

We also walked around in Oxford Street, but I didn’t take any pictures there because we spent most of the time in Primark. Ah… I love Primark!

Have you ever been to Camden Market? Please let me know of any other markets you know of!



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