first week of 2016


It’s the first Monday of this year and even though I wasn’t excited to get back to my “regular” routine, it was nice to finally do something else than watching youtube, movies and doing nothing productive.

Today I woke up at nine am, which is both early and late. I want to start waking up at eight to have more hours of the day. I love being awake early in the morning because I have more time and can be done with school and all those boring stuff before twelve!

I can finally start using my beautiful filofax! I have the saffioano aquamarine in the size personal. I bought in on Amazon a couple of months ago to use as my planner for 2016. I wanted to start decorating my planner and so on and I’m super excited! I haven’t done a lot, but I really enjoy using some time to decorate. (And it gives me a reason to buy more washi tapes.

I also did the workout of the day. A ten minutes dancing workout (really hard to be honest) and some strenght workout. I have been working out everyday for three or four days (which might seem like a little, but I’m proud of it) and it feels great!



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