Book Haul

I was at the mall yesterday with my sister to buy the last remaining Christmas gifts for my friends. I had already bought all the presents for my family (except my dog – gotta do that), but I hadn’t bought any for my friends. Actually, scratch that, I had bought for one of my friends since I had to order it and ship it to USA (my friend is an exchange student).

Anyway, I bought two books in a book shop as presents for two of my friends, but because I’m a member of the shop, I could get three books and only pay for two of them, so I got a book for free! I love free things, and I love books, so it was perfect.

I only got one book, so it’s not a big haul. I have asked for books for Christmas, so I shouldn’t buy too many book before Christmas – one week left!

The book is called The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. I have wanted to read this for a while. My favourite book tuber (here) mentioned this in one of her videos, and I thought it sounded interesting.








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