chocolate truffles


On Saturday and Sunday my mum and I decided to make a second batch of chocolate truffles. Two weeks ago my mum and my aunt made these together. They made one with just chocolate flavour and one with licorice flavour. Unfortunately the licorice one didn’t taste a lot of licorice, but it was still very good! (They were both very good)


It took two days to make them however.. If we had started making them earlier in the day we would probably have gotten them done in one day. We didn’t make any licorice this time, only regular chocolate ones, as seen in the pictures.



You can still see the chocolate truffle through the cacao, so we could probably have covered it more, but it still tastes amazing.DSC_0002Later on Sunday, we went to watch a Christmas concert. Everyone, guitar people, theatre people, singing people and dancing groups gets together and have a two hour concert. I mostly went to see my little sister, but also two of my friends. My sister danced, one of my friends sang and my other friend played the guitar.

DSC_0028The only picture I took at the concert. We had to wait 30 minutes before we could sit down!



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