It’s December 1st and I couldn’t be more excited! I have, as long as I can remember, LOVED the Christmas times. Not just Christmas Eve and such, but the entire month!

Christmas, for me, means family times, amazing and yummy food and cozy times, drinking hot cocoa and eating christmas goodies while watching  the same christmas movies I have watched plenty of times.

I think one of the things that makes me love the Christmas times is all the traditions through the entire month; christmas baking, movie watching and all those cozy things!

My family and I always bake a lot of yummy christmas cakes. We actually baked two kinds of christmas cakes on Sunday. My mum, little sister, big sister and her boyfriend (my dad sat in the living room watching TV hehe. He’s not really interested in baking) listened to christmas music while baking some (translated by google, by the way..) sand nuts. I think it sounds better in Norwegian (sandnøtter).  We also baked something called havreflarn but they didn’t turn out the best; they cooked weirdly in the oven..

We are also going to bake gingerbreads and some other cakes this Saturday with my Aunt and some cousins. I don’t actually like gingerbreads, but it’s a tradition to bake them, so Christmas is not the same without them. We have already eaten all the ‘sand nuts’, so we have to bake them once more! (And keep in mind that we doubled the recipe..!)

In Norway we don’t celebrate Christmas the exact same way as America and (I think) the UK. There they open the presents on the 25th, or Christmas Day as it’s called. In Norway we open the presents on the 24th. On the 23rd, my parents and siblings drives to my grandparents, my dad’s parents, place to eat dinner there with my aunts and uncle and my cousins on my dad’s side of the family, to celebrate my grandmother, who was born on the 23rd!

On the 24th we spend the time with either my mum’s side of the family or my dad’s side of the family. This year it’s my dad’s side. So everyone we will spend the day with on the 23rd will come to our house and eat food and desert, then santa comes and gives the kids a present, then we open all the other presents.

On the 25th, or First Christmas Day, as we call it (Første Juledag, in Norway) we eat dinner with my dad’s side of the family, then on the 26th, or Second Christmas (Andre Juledag in Norwegian) we spend the day with my mum’s side of the family. We drive to my grandfather (my mum’s father) and eat yummy food and dessert.

Of course, we can’t forget about the Christmas tree shopping which we do early/middle of December. We are going to go tree shopping this weekend I think! We don’t put it up before the 20th or 21th. If I could choose when to put it up, it would be up before the fifht!!

Please let me know about your Christmas traditions and why you love Christmas! (Or if you hate it, but I don’t really understand that…)



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