my favorite apps

Because my phone is such a big part of my everyday life, I think it’s only fair to talk a little about it. I really want to stop using it as much as I do now, since I really just use it to do unimportant things!

Anyway, I have the iPhone 6 in white and I’m really happy about it. I usually keep my phones for quite a while, but I changed my phone before summer because the iPhone 5 I had at that time was broken and I really hated it.

As I said I really don’t use my phone to anything important – I don’t text people a lot, mostly my mom and one of my friends a little. Do I seem like a looser? Hehe..

But anyway, I have not included things like text messanger and safari and so on, only things I have actually downloaded from app store! :)

But first, isn’t my background the cutest?



I guess the first once I should mention is the social media once. I have a folder with these five, but I very rarely use the facebook messenger, so don’t mind that one! But I use facebook a lot, even though I find it really boring. I use instagram mostly to see what people I subscribe to on youtube post.


I am totally obsessed with twitter even though I get annoyed at least once a day because there are so MANY tweets and I have a hard time reading them all. At the moment I get very excited whenever I see a notification from twitter, because I’m waiting for Missy or Bryan from Daily Bumps (a family vlogger account on youtube) to tweet that Missy is going into labour, but for now, (when I write this. *Crosses fingers for Missy to go to Labour*) she hasn’t…


Next is snapchat. I mostly use snapchat to see the snapchat stories of people I follow on youtube, and to talk to my friend who is on an exchange year in the US.


This is where I am right now in The Chronicles of Narnia by the way! :)

I use Spotify a few times, even though I mostly use it on my computer, but I’m still including it on this ‘list’. #badass



I think I have an unhealthy addiction to Pinterest. I use it every single day, both for ideas for stories (things like in the picture) and fashion ideas.


I can’t go without youtube… And I have nothing more to say about this one.


I don’t use goodread as much, but I still love it!

And now, to my favorite game. I usually download a game and play it for months, and since before summer I have played 1010! (not pictured though). I have also played Egg car! and Sky Glider. I’m not very good at Sky Glider hehe…


What’s your favorite apps?



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