throwback time: Spain

Yesterday I went through the pictures on my phone and found a lot of pictures from my trip to Spain this summer, and since I haven’t really shared them with anyone (except a few on instagram) I wanted to share some here, and throw it back for this blog post!


IMG_0498 IMG_0531

I was reading ‘The Young Elites’ by Marie Lu on the way to an aquarium!


I have a small fear of sharks, so I was panicking a little the entire time… But it was still interesting to see all the different types of sharks!

IMG_0511 IMG_0519

They were pooping all the time.. A tad disgusting hehe

IMG_0559IMG_0301 IMG_0311

We ate dinner a few times at a 50’s resturant. It was like a dream. Perhaps the food could have been a little better, but feeling like I was in the 50’s made it perfect!


My new motto! “Save the world… It’s the only planet with chocolate and milkshakes.” + random lady..


Let’s just take a moment and think about the fact that I read (for the first time.. I know, I’m ashamed..) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on this trip!


My view reading Harry Potter! *insert emoji with heart eyes here*


My favorite dress (from Primark)

So, all in all, the holiday was amazing even though it was too hot for my liking!

Have you been to Spain?


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