another walk in the woods

Hello, and happy Saturday!

Two days ago, me and my family (minus my father) and I went for another walk in the woods. Together with my aunt and two of my cousins, and my friend and her mother we walked for around one and a half hour.

But, before the walk I played a little with my little sister and two of my cousins. My sister and the two cousins were having a sleepover, so in the morning we were outside playing cop and thief. I have to say I don’t have the best fitness, but it was still fun!


Also, outside in the garden we have this beautiful sunflower. It’s not as pretty as it was a few days ago, but it’s still beautiful!


We have a plum tree in the garden and my mum just plucked a lot of them off the tree, and while we were running around we grabbed a few of these and ate them. Very yummy!


The walk was lovely, but I did get a burn mark from when my dog tried to run away and I grabbed the leash… Not funny… AND I got a spider trying to crawl into my eyes.. I’m probably being very dramatic, but seeing that I have a fear of bugs, I think it’s ok!


After the walk, we heated up the barbeque and barbequed some sausages. My older sister made some twist bread(?) (I used google translation, so I don’t know if it’s the right translation.. hehe) What I know however is that it was very good!

What have you done today?



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