a walk in the woods


Today started off with a ‘refreshing’ walk with my mum, sister, a friend of my mother and my dog and the friends dog. What I mean with ‘refreshing‘ is that I fell and hurt my ankle. Fortunately, it didn’t hurt that much in the beginning, but when we started walking up a hill I felt some pain.(It was more an uncomfortable feeling.)

But I got through it, and it was very refreshing to be outside for two hours!

We had to walk over a river and the tiny bridge that used to be there was no longer a working bridge, so we had to pass it by getting soaked (only the feet), but it was actually a good thing. It calmed down the pain in my foot.IMG_0949 IMG_0951 (1) IMG_0954 (1)

IMG_0957 (1)

How did you spend your Sunday?

Thank you for reading!



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