Book Haul!


Last weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family. I mostly got money, but I did get five books, which I was very excited about. (two I got from my friend) Unfortunaly, two of those books were already on my shelf, and one of them wasn’t really interesting to me. Therefor, I asked my friend to join me to the mall so I could exchange them.

I used 30 minutes to figure out the books I wanted, but I did find them in the end. The first book was number four in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. The second one was Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, and the last one was Frostfire by Amanda Hocking.

I also got The Assassin’s blade by Sarah J. Maas. This is the prequel to the Throne of Glass series. The last book I got was Burn for Burn by Jenny Han.

I already have Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas, and even thugh I have only read the first book, I have bought all the other once because I really like her writing style and I want to read the entire series. I decided to exchange on of the books I got from my friend to The Assassins Blade so I own the entire series!


I have wanted to buy Red Queen for a long time now, but have decided to buy other books before this one, but I was very excited when I found it in the store!


For the fourth book, I had a hard time deciding which to buy. There were a few other books I was interested in, but I couldn’t decide, but eventually I decided for Frostfire. I had heard about it before, but had no idea what it actually was about.


I have wanted to read the Burn for Burn series, so when my friend bought it as a present I was very happy!


I have not started any of these books, but I can’t wait to read them all!

Have you read any of these books? And have you bought any new books the last couple of weeks?



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